The Survey Quality Predictor (SQP) is:

  • an extensive open-source database of survey questions and quality estimates built up through the collaboration of the users. The SQP database contains a wide range of survey questions concerning many different topics in many different forms and languages.
  • a coding system of formal and linguistic characteristics of survey questions which allows a prediction of their reliability, validity and quality to be obtained. This prediction is based on a meta-analysis of the relationships between the quality estimates of survey questions obtained through Multitrait-Multimethod (MTMM) experiments and the formal and linguistic characteristics of the questions in those experiments.
  • a tool for improving questions. By providing information about the quality of different question formats, the software can help design better questions.

The quality of a survey question is defined, in this context, as the strength of the relationship between the latent variable of interest and the response to the survey question, the observed variable. The quality can be computed by taking the product of reliability and validity.

The information provided by SQP is particularly useful to:

  • consult, compare and evaluate questions which are part of the SQP database,
  • design new questionnaires, since SQP provides suggestions of changes in question format for improving the quality of questions.
  • correct for measurement error in the substantive analyses.

To know much more about SQP, check the SQP2.1 2015 Tutorials:

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